MAC layer issue


Does gnuradio implement any MAC layer thinngs, otherwise how the ofdm
send and receive packets?



Hi Chin-Ya,

MAC implementations are currently a work in progress in GNU Radio, that
is making headway with the new m-blocks and in-band signaling but not
done yet.

You do not need a true MAC layer to transmit packets. The PHY
transforms bits in to some waveform, right? There is nothing stopping a
transmitter and receiver from making sense of these bits.

OFDM sends and receives packets the same way benchmark_tx/ do. The
transmitter has some framing bit sequence that the receiver is going to
look for while it decodes the bits. If it sees the bit sequence, it
shoves the next X bits into a structure, which is your packet. Or, it
decodes enough to hit a payload field and then determines how many bits
to decode next as the payload.

Dig in to the code and following code:

  • George

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