MAC address of a machine

Any one knows how to get MAC address of a machine who is accessing
your application.Help me.

a method like the one below will find the ethernet mac address of my
Mac on OS-X 10.4

def mac_address
system “ifconfig | grep lladdr > mac.txt”
f =“mac.txt”)
mac = “”
f.each{|l| mac = l.split(" ").last}
return mac

It’s really quite hacky, but you’re going to need to make a system
call to do that. At least I cannot think of any classes available for
it. On windows maybe the Win32ole or Win32API classes but nothing on
and BSD platforms.


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On 21 Feb 2008, at 11:37, cammo wrote:


output = ifconfig | grep lladd at least avoids the temporary file
unpleasantness (or use IO.popen)


nearly impossible

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