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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 16 April,. 1999

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BBC newscaster. Nicholas Witchell cant stop himself laughing

During 1990-91 there. were very many instances of “interactive
television” where newscasters and other TV presenters saw on a. screen
before them what was. happening in my home, and reacted, frequently by
laughing at me. During this. period I unfortunately did not record these
programmes. For the last year or two,. I have been recording everything
watch, and there has been a drastic decrease. in such incidents.

However, on occasion, television presenters. do still engage in
“interactive watching” and react. to what they see. This has been
with Jon Snow of Channel Four News recently. - a particularly
case, since it has been established that he. cannot be corrupted by
(it is. well-documented that MI5 offered him a tax-free salary and he
turned them down). I. wonder what device MI5 are using to encourage him
do. the “interactive watching”?

On Saturday 10 April 1999 at 7pm, Nicholas. Witchell on BBC2 News
when he saw that I was watching the programme, and. I have his reactions
stored safely. on videotape. I have watched this tape several times and
am entirely confident. that my evaluation of his reactions is correct.
several minutes his upper lip quivered in mirth as he. attempted to keep
straight face. Then. finally his self-control evaporated through the
of a weak joke and his face collapsed into a. grin.

The strange thing is that I dont know. why he was laughing at me, what I
had done recently to “deserve” to. be laughed at. The MI5 persecutors
usually manage to invent some justification as to why. people should
at and/or abuse me. (“hes an X”, “it was so funny” etc), so Mr Witchell
could have been laughing for any number of reasons. Perhaps he. found
views I have been expressing in these articles. amusing? I suppose if
paid enough money and ordered. to laugh then even the most innocuous
becomes. funny.

Jon Snow of Channel Four News cant. stop himself smirking, either.

On 12 February 1999 I was watching Channel Four News presented by. Jon
Snow. As. usual, I was recording the programme, so that if anything out
the ordinary happened, Id be able. to go back and watch it again.

Now, Jon Snow, by his own claim, is. uncorruptible. He says he turned
an. offer of a substantial tax-free salary from MI5 - they wanted to
him their mouthpiece,. and he told them where to get off.

So you will be most surprised to learn. that Jon Snow “interactively
watched” me that evening, and on many. other evenings. Approximately
fifteen minutes into the programme, he. announced that the US President
would be making. a live appearance at about 7.30pm; I looked at the
on the mantelpiece; and Snow saw. me looking at the clock, and visibly
tried to suppress. a smirk.

Uncorruptible, are. you, Mister Snow? If not money, then why are you
watching me, Mister Snow? Are they forcing. you to watch me? Cant you
the monitor. off, Mister Snow?

Keith Hill MP. (Labour - Streatham), my elected representative, as ever
refuses to. help.

Comparing the MI5 Persecution with German “Final. Solution”

It might seem offensive to compare the. mass murder of millions of
civilians in wartime with the peacetime persecution of merely. one
person. Yet the. comparison has been coursing through my mind for
years now, because the brutality of German intent to “sub-humans”. is
much comparable to the. brutality of British intent to someone they
vituperate and. term “not up to British standards”. The methods may
but the persecutors mindset. is the same.

The Germans first targeted the mentally. disabled, too

During WW2 millions of ethnic Russians,. Poles, Jews, mentally ill,
and other minorities were rounded. up and murdered in purpose-built
by the German regime, in the name of. “racial superiority”. Fifty years
the British Secret Police, MI5, instituted a. campaign of mass
hysteria; but. in their cowardice, limited their activities to one

It is instructive to note. that the early German “cleansing” effort was
directed primarily not at Jews, but at the mentally ill. The. Nazis set
the T4 project. in the thirties to “cleanse” away 70,000 mentally
people, including schizophrenics and epileptics. After WW2 the Jews.
their media influence. used the reaction from the holocaust to roll back
anti-semitism in the Western countries;. however, the mentally ill are
today. still a persecuted group in the modern Western world as they were
under the Nazis (the current Jewish home secretary in the. UK intends to
bring in laws. for incarceration without any criminal charge for some
mentally ill people -. he protects his own minority, but does nothing
the other minorities in todays society), and. this continuing bias forms
central cause for the current acts. of persecution in the UK.

Widespread knowledge of what is happening. to the “un-British” minority

In both the German persecution of the thirties and early forties, and.
current British persecution, many, many people are well aware. of whats
happening. There is widespread complicity. through inaction of
populace; and. in a substantial proportion of the mainstread population,
the persecution had/has widespread. enthusiastic support; yet in both
German case in the 1940s and the British today, the existence. of
persecution is a mass secret which must be never admitted. out loud. In
recent Lawrence case. this “secret bigotry” has been termed
“institutionalised racism”, and that is a very good word. for what the
British are doing. today The persecutory attitudes and omerta regarding
them are so deeply ingrained in. the national psyche that they define
national. mood

During WW2 many Germans knew minorities. were disappearing, and through
inaction quietly condoned their. government’s mass murder of
“un-German” minorities and inferior “foreigners”; and. in the 1990s,
similarly, many English people know what the MI5 British. Secret Police
have been doing, and. not only condone it, but actively take part,
of xenophobia against the “un-British” unit minority that is the target.
“British” actions. This attitude. by the British persecutors has been
explicit through the words “he’s not up. to British standards”; the
seem to have found their. very own “untermenschen” to victimise.

Why these obsessive “holy wars”. happen

This type of aggression. occurs when the majority is threatened or
humiliated in some way, economically, militarily or culturally. In.
Germany the threat was. primarily economic and military, following
Germany’s humiliating defeat. in the first world war and the reparations
was forced. to pay. In modern Britain, one might guess that the majority
English who are. behind the persecution feel pressured by the swiftly
diminishing status of Britain in the. world, and the rapidly increasing
coloured colonisation of their country, which in time will see. the
English a minority in. their own land, and their more antisocial
unable. to reply to the obvious threat, instead project their aggression
onto another, weaker, unit. minority

In both cases there is a whiff of “holy. war” or irrational obsession
the. persecution. Certainly the German behaviour fifty years ago
on the not-quite-sane, and the current British. behaviour towards their
chosen victim is. strongly tinged with a leave-taking of reason. And the
choices open to. the victims are the same, since MI5 will never allow me
escape them, “if he tries to run away we’ll find. him”, just like the
commandant. of Auschwitz telling the new arrivals, “the only escape is
through the. chimney”.

The. Victim Will Destroy Us if We Dont Destroy Him First

The persecutors. propaganda is the same. Fifty years ago the Germans
“if we don’t do it to the Jews then the Jews will do it to us”; and.
propaganda in the early. nineties concentrated on their victim as a
“monster” aesome. “untermenschen” minority.

“We are decent fellows” say. the Brutal Persecutors

During the course of researching this article I read part of. the very
interesting. book, “Hitler - A Study in Tyranny”, by Alan B… This
volume contains a quote from Himmler on the. “Final Solution”;

“Most of. you know what it means when a hundred corpses are lying side
side, or five hundred or one thousand. To have stuck it out, and. at the
same time … to have remained decent fellows, that is. what has made
hard. This is a page of glory in our history which has never. been
and is never to be. written.”

In the MI5 persecution, too, there is a thread of deliberate. brutality
the sick and vulnerable, while the persecutors maintain. that “we are
decent. fellows”. There is almost a conscious schizophrenia in the
self-attitudes of the Security. Service operatives and those in the
who they employ against me,. which reflects the contradiction evident in
the German attitude above… On the one hand, they stoop to the lowest
most base behaviour; yet at the same time,. the MI5 operatives tell
themselves that. since they are civilised British people, then surely
must by definition be “decent fellows”. Any. indecency is made the fault
the victim; “hes making us persecute him, so. we need feel no guilt”.

Yet the conduct is atypical of the way these. peoples see their normal
modes of behaviour. Befslaughter was not typical. of normal German
behaviour up. to that point. Similarly, the current MI5 abuse goes
the grain of British self-image as being “reserved” and “decent”,. since
they are using terms of. abuse which are common among blacks and other
supposedly less-developed races, but. not among the English.


The ultimate aim of both. persecutions is the humiliation and physical
extinction of the persecuted group. The Germans did this in a very.
way; the British Secret Police MI5 are acting indirectly. and relying on
self-extinction of their target,. because in peacetime and in the
somewhat false climate of “political correctness”. more direct methods
impossible. If MI5 undertook more direct. action the mass “omerta” would

I have written this article with sincerity to show how a. historically
recent persecution in. another country parallels what is being done in
country. today. In both cases, the evil-doers are of their countries
establishments, and rely on widespread. tacit support to maintain the
persecution and omerta around it… While the holocaust was undoubtedly
greater evil, it is important to. be aware of the fact that had the
not been defeated fifty years ago, their plans would have gone. through
total completion. In Britain today no. force threatens the “permanent
government”. of which the Security Service forms a part; and it looks
unlikely that the wrongs perpetrated by. the MI5 secret police will ever
revealed to public view, and the. British secret state brought to
for. its evil actions.


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