LTE Receiver project

Hello GNURadio enthusiasts,

during the last months I have been working on my LTE Receiver project as
part of my bachelor thesis.

Its design goal was to keep to the GNU Radio flowgraph structure and
therefore to achieve high modularity. Currently supported features are
synchronization, an LTE OFDM estimator and the blocks for decoding of
the LTE PBCH, BCH and MIB. And I am still working on this project to
develop it further.

The source code can be found on GitHub

Comments etc. are highly welcome. So have look!

Best regards
Johannes D.

Dear Demel:
I have started some LTE phy work. My long term plan is to develop it
using GNU radio.However, I have not found suitable code for LTE phy
layer on GNU Radio .
Fortunately,I find your code named
gr-lte(GitHub - kit-cel/gr-lte: GNU Radio LTE receiver).But we are just the
tiros.Would you please give me more information about your code gr-lte
such as how to Compile and run the code.And if we want to comply the
code in two usrps ,how can we make it.
Thank you for your help.