LookupContext missing constructor

The title of this message is wrong. LookupContext must have a

=> #<ActionView::LookupContext:0x007f8e84755d18 @details_key=nil,
@details={:handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :coffee], :formats=>[:html, :text,
:js, :css, :ics, :csv, :xml, :rss, :atom, :yaml, :multipart_form,
:url_encoded_form, :json], :locale=>[:en, :en]},
@skip_default_locale=false, @frozen_formats=false, @cache=true,
@prefixes=[], @view_paths=[]>

My problem is I can’t find it:


There’s other initialize methods for other classes, but not for
LookupContext. Where is it?

I think I found it on line 170:

def initialize(view_paths, details = {}, prefixes = [])
  @details, @details_key = {}, nil
  @skip_default_locale = false
  @cache = true
  @prefixes = prefixes
  @rendered_format = nil

  self.view_paths = view_paths

It’s after 3 module definitions of the same class. It seems almost
intentionally designed to be confusing.

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