Looks like a bug - Ruby1.9.1Rails2.3.0 - script/plugin

I started talking this one up yesterday - I’ve gotten as close to a
good problem statement as I can.

  1. script/about:
    Ruby version 1.9.1 (powerpc-darwin9.6.0)
    RubyGems version 1.3.1
    Rails version 2.3.0
    Active Record version 2.3.0
    Action Pack version 2.3.0
    Active Resource version 2.3.0
    Action Mailer version 2.3.0
    Active Support version 2.3.0
    Application root /Users/rick/plugin-git
    Environment development
    Database adapter sqlite3
    Database schema version 0

  2. script/plugin install -v git://github.com/rubyist/aasm.git
    Plugins will be installed using http
    Plugin not found: [“git://github.com/rubyist/aasm.git”]
    #<TypeError: can’t convert Array into String>

I rattled around in lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rails-2.3.0/lib/commands/
plugin.rb for awhile with the blunt tool of “puts thing.inspect” to
make sure I was getting to where I should. (BTW when will the ruby-
debugger be available???)

I traced this through to the call to “install_using_git” and, by
replacing the variables with their string equivalents in the calls to
“Dir.chdir” and “system()” I was able to get the install to complete.

So why can’t R(1.9.1)onR(2.3.0) “convert Array into String”?


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 3:50 AM, Rick [email protected] wrote:

Active Resource version 2.3.0
#<TypeError: can’t convert Array into String>
So why can’t R(1.9.1)onR(2.3.0) “convert Array into String”?

Good luck,


Got it and thanks

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