Looking hosting donation for project

Hi, I’m developing an interesting project and need help with a place to
host it.
Basically it’s a chat where you are given an instrument and your text
becomes music.
You can check a demo of the algorithm behind here.


Right now the rails frontend chat app is hosted on heroku, but to
generate sounds i use a streaming server (icecast2), jackd, fluidsynth
and edcast_jack, along with my ruby script that polls the frontend
server to check for messages.
This script is using a gem i’m developing called fcomposer, a wannabe
library for music composition.
The problem is that all that backend configuration is not available on
simple hosting plans, and i have no resources to buy a vps or
dedicated server, right now i use my laptop when someone want’s to
check it, but it would be great to make the site available all day.

Anyone interested in helping?
Thanks a lot.