Looking for Work: USA or UK

Hi all!

I am a (relatively new) self-taught programmer living in UK. Ruby’s
simple syntax and english-like got me to fall in love with the language.
I so love it that I installed Wappalyzer just to see who is using Ruby
on Rails!

I am not attending Universities nor College. I teach myself Ruby from
early in the mornings (4am start) to 8am or 9am and at nights from 9pm
or 10pm to 12am. I am dedicated to my studies as I have kids to provide
for - I want the best future for them.

I am looking for an internship/apprenticeship/junior programming
position open in the area (I can travel to the States also). If anyone
has or knows of such a position, I would love to get in contact with
such person.

I am getting fairly proficient with Ruby, knows the basics of
JavaScript, HTML and CSS and am currently working with Rails. I learn
quickly and work hard.

Books and Videos I use:

• Lynda Ruby Training Essentials
• Lynda Ruby on Rails Training Essentials
• Lynda JavaScript Essential Training
• The Cucumber Book
• The RSpec Book
• Beginning Ruby From Novice to Professional

As you see, my motivation comes from my kids. I am dedicated and willing
to do what it takes to become a prolific web developer. Any questions
feel fee to contact me: sylarruby at gmail dot com