Looking for Rails Developers in Orange County, California

Are there such people? If so, let me know as I expect to be kicking
off a project soon.

Eric Olsen wrote:

Are there such people? If so, let me know as I expect to be kicking
off a project soon.

What kind of project? I might know someone interested, but I’m not sure
if he is available at the moment.


I would be interested if you are considering offsite work.

– Long
Ottawa, Canada
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Hello friends,

I recently happened to see the below information … just thought that
could be useful to you people …


Introducing for the first time in India, a Product that could be
required for all types of Industries and Consultants in India and
the World.

We have Quality Databases of all types of Doctors, Engineers and
in India.

Engineers: Computer, Software, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical,
Chemical, Pharmacy, PhDs, etc.

Medical: Doctors, Surgeons, Physicians, PhDs, etc.

Graduates: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, etc.

The database is in the form of Excel Sheets and Word Documents. The word
format document contains the resume of the concerned person.

The database is divided into the following catagories:

  1. By Functional Area: Basically technical people working in
    projects, production, maintenance, software, quality control,
    research &
    development, etc. The number of resumes in each category, are around

  2. By Industrial Segment: Pharmaceutical, Drugs, Chemical, Marine,
    Electronics, Medical, Shipping, Construction, Automotives, Hotels,
    Computers, Rural Areas, and Government of India Companies (Railways,
    Municipality, Atomic Energy, Electricity, Power, Water Supply, etc.)
    number of resumes in each segment, are around 30,000.

  3. Infotech & Software Personnel: MCAs, BCAs, Computer/Electronics
    &Telecom Engineers, etc. Around 1,00,000 resumes.

  4. Company wise data are also available, around 50 reputed companies
    in India.

*The basic purpose of this database is that the consumer can market his
product/s sitting from his office, making cold calls or by mailing
to the concerned personnel. *

The Resume Database comprises of people who have maximum experience in
relevant field.

The Resume Database does not contain personnel from the
Sales & Business Development department and the Banking Sector. The
is that these people are comparatively easily accessible. Although
(Technical personnel) working in sales, marketing and business
fields are available.

This Database is most suited and useful for Recruitment Consultants in
* and Abroad. *If the consultant is not subscribed to the
portals then this data would be most useful to them.

This Data is also useful to small and medium sized companies who have
limited resources, who cannot employ a battery of sales personnel.

people who keep on moving around in the market are susceptible to change
their job. They can spare some time to apply for other jobs and attend
interview, while on outdoor field. Hence sales and marketing people keep
changing their jobs after having short stints with companies. Once a
Salesman leaves a company, he also takes away with him the market
information and the intellectual database, sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Resumes as a database?

Resumes don’t lie !

A Resume gives the full detail of a person for example, the residential
phone no. and address, the mobile/cell phone no., the email address, the
responsibilities, the references, etc. These details help to contact
key person with ease and perfection. Most importantly it saves time and

Money! How does it save money?

You save money on phone calls. For example you want to contact the
Maintenance Manager of M/s.XYZ Corporation, you visit the companies
wherein you may not find the required details (like the plant address,
contact details, the contact person, the email address of that Manager,
etc.). You hence call the telephone operator, who will give you the half
information only (the telephone operator is normally not allowed to
the cell phone numbers, email IDs, etc. of key contact personnel).

Ultimately to reach that department or that key man you spend some good
amount of money on phone calls.

*Is the database perfect and totally updated? *

Honestly we believe that our database is nearly 94% correct. Because
change companies; they give the temporary home address in their resumes;
sometimes email IDs are also changed; etc. But in India normally people
mention their permanent address in their resumes which rarely changes.

*How do we search in this huge database ? *

By using the Microsoft search method, typing out the key words and
the particular folder in the options. The simplest method is to open

How is the supply of the database done?

We shall courier you the CD/DVD containing the database to your said

*Still Confused? A typical example is given below *

A Company manufacturing Medicines (tablets, syrups, injections, etc).
Normally, the method of sales is that the company employs MRs (Medical
Representatives) to promote their products through doctors, surgeons,
physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, etc.

Now if the area of sales operation is new for the MR, then he/she
would find it difficult to search for various doctors, hospitals, etc.
results in wastage of time and money. In case the pharma company is new
the market then it requires more time and money. With our database of
doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. you are able to get in touch with
Doctor on phone or by email.

*Disadvantages *

Since there are so many resumes, searching with exact key words is a bit
difficult and time consuming.

Some resumes (around 1%) may be of no use to you.

*Other Databases in Hard Copy Formats are also available *

We also have a huge compilation of old and new directories, yellow pages
various categories from India. If required we can also send it to you at
reasonable prices.

We also have a huge collection of email addresses as well available in
form of excel sheets. You can easily import them in your Outlook Address

Cost of the database/s

For a customized database, the cost varies as per the requirement of the

The cost of the Total database of all categories and segments has been
at a nominal price of USD 1000/- (i.e. USD One thousand only) excluding
freight/courier charges for companies or consultants located out of

For Corporates located in India, the cost of the Total database would be
35000/- (i.e. Rupees Thirty Five thousand only).

The delivery shall be done only after we receive the payment. Trust us
are honest, hard working people. We have taken lot of pain in compiling
resume data.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any
doubts or

*Payment *

For Foreign Companies: Wire Transfer to our Bankers in India.

For Indian Companies : By Cheque.

Please contact us at [email protected] and we shall guide you

For people whom this email is of no use

You can mail us your resume at [email protected] and we shall store
our database forever, which shall then be forwarded to our future
at no cost. This increases your job opportunities.

*Important Note *

We are against spamming. If you wish to remove yourself from our mailing
list then please email us at [email protected], with the subject

“This message may contain confidential, proprietary or legally
information. It might be sent to you by mistake or an erroneous click,
sometimes. It should not be used by anyone who is not the original
recipient. If you have erroneously received this message, please delete
immediately and notify the sender. The recipient acknowledges that we
unable to exercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of/over
contents of the information contained in e-mail transmissions and
acknowledges that any views expressed in this message are those of the
individual sender and no binding nature of the message shall be implied
assumed unless the sender does so expressly. Before opening any
please check them for viruses and defects.”