Looking for people to create another 37signals

Hi Guys & Girls,

Like many on this forum, I’ve been inspired by the success that
37signals has had with their great web apps.

I’m a web designer/marketer (based Australia) and I’m looking for people
to help me start a new company to develop web based apps.

What prompted this post?

Well, I was listening to a recent podcast where Jason Fried was talking
about how the staff at 37signals all work from different locations.

This got me thinking…

When people say ‘I’m hiring the best person for the job’ what they
really mean is ‘I’m hiring the best person for the job… who lives
within 20 minutes of our corporate office’.

In other words, the best people are probably not located within driving
distance of me. Which leads me back to this post.

I’m looking for people who are passionate about building web-based apps.

Ideally, people who:

  • Love to code;
  • Have an interest in Ruby on Rails; and
  • Want to build a slick web app

If you’ve been thinking about building a web based app and would like to
get the ball rolling - don’t be shy.

Pop me a quick email at:

adrian.mullan [@] gmail.com

If we click, then we can IM and take it from there.


P.S - And ‘no’ the apps I had in mind are not in competition with
37signals (that would be silly). There are more than enough
opportunities out there without competing with those guys.