Looking for partner(s) for a knowledge management open source project

Hi All,

I am looking for someone (or some people) who would like to help me
start a new open source project, in the era of knowledge management. The
idea is to develop and provide the infrastructure for KM web and
smartphones based applications, using a concept called, “open-ended
semiosis”. I already have some Ruby classes that implement the basic
algorithms and seem to be doing a pretty good job, there is still of
course much work to be done though.

The principles of open-ended semiosis are described in a very good and
clear manner here:

In fact, most of my work so far is based on the research done by Dr.
Norman L. Johnson, and the core code that I have is a pretty
straightforward implementation of the process he described in this

If anyone would like to help me, or is just interested to learn more
about this ( I am going to open source everything anyway so no
secrets…), please contact me by replying to this post, or by E-mail to
[email protected]

Many thanks,

Oren S.