Looking for Mod_Ruby and easy Deployment Options? Sign Here




Please read more on the above link first, which is available in this
section of Ruby on Rails. It will give you a clear understanding of
Deployment scenario

The Author of that thread and Me too, are frustrated with Lack of Shared
Hosting and Tough Deployment Scenario, since nothing is shaping up.

We do not want to get carried away with just one option like mod_rails.
What will you do when Merb Comes out. Wait for Mod_Merb and have this
going on for every framework that comes out.

We want Rails / Merb / Other Good Ruby Frameworks to grow more and More
and for that we would like you to join us and sign below…

This will considered to be an appeal by the Mass Ruby / Rails developers
and students.

Mod_Ruby and Easy Deployment Solutions For a Best Future.
Your Sign will change the Scenario
Your Sign will be heard.
Your Sign will be Noticed

I start with My Sign favouring this.

Rahil K.


I am in your favour.

I am signing here…

SoftMind Technology

Mod_Ruby and easy deployment is as important to me as
Food, Fire, Water, Plants, Tree and Earth.

Pl. Sign here and get ready for Web 3.0 easily.

Of course I am with you all.

I Sign Herewith

Web R.

Why wait till Web 3.0, lets do it with Web 2.0.

Yes…we are with you on this as well.

Consider my signature added

4th Mind Comm Tech LLC, Boston MA

It’s not free, but WebFaction has a sweet system for RoR deployment on
shared hosting.

Uh, mod_rails / Passenger is deployed on Dreamhost. Nag your shared
host if you want them to deploy it.


On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 2:38 AM, Rahil K.
[email protected] wrote:

This will considered to be an appeal by the Mass Ruby / Rails developers

I start with My Sign favouring this.

Rahil K.

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Wow that’s nice. I wish I could post under three different aliases too.
“SoftMind” indeed.

There’s already many deployment options out there, and I don’t think
mod_ruby is one of the feasible ones :slight_smile:

Try http://modrails.com

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