Looking for Lead Developer (RoR)

Lead Developer

Type: Permanent

Benefits: Flexible hours, casual/laid-back environment, other perks

U.S. based online travel startup looking for a lead developer for the
development team; preferably with strong experience with Ruby on
Rails. However, can be flexible in this regard; more concerned with
quality of work and dedication to the team/vision.

We are looking for a Lead Developer who has strong experience with
building web applications.

Because we are a startup we are looking for someone with the following

-Self-starter or independent: The individual needs to take control of
the development work and be aware of all the functions/timelines
involved in making the website successful. This is really a great
opportunity because this allows the developer complete ownership of
the development work and process.

-Team player: Due to the significant interaction between the core team
of a startup, it is critical to have great team dynamics that allow
for pleasant interactions and will result in development of a terrific

-Discipline: Startups are only as successful as the people behind
them. We need someone who has the discipline to stay focused and
deliver quality code.

-Communication: This is akin to being a team player but strong
communication is crucial to team/user interactions and is a necessity
for the company’s growth.

-Passion: All of the above qualities can be driven only by someone
committed to the startup and the vision. This will undoubtedly lead to
efforts that result in success.

If you are interested in a position that will be both challenging and
rewarding, please send us your resume and all relevant information.


India (Telecommuting)

Salary and Terms
Pay: Commensurate with experience
Hours: Full-time