Looking for internship

Hi there ,

I am a brand new Web dev on Ruby On Rails, I’ve almost finished my
at Wild Code School!
This training was for 5months and we worked on ROR for 3 months…
I need to level up my skills on this framefork with an internship of at
least 3 months, If you know any Start Up or Web Agency who could be
interested in helping a cool lady to improve that would be just GREAT !
( I
live near Saint Etienne , but I can go till Lyon Villeurbanne Bron

Feel Free to contact me for more details, linkedIn and Github !

def internship
if internship.duration >= 3 * months
“Nelly is very happy”
elsif internship.duration < 3 * months && internship >= 2 * months
“Nelly would be fine with it”
else internship.duration != possible || internship.duration == 0
"Nelly is sad :’( "