Looking for help to fund my Ruby Conf talk

I’m in the embarrassing position of passing the hat.

I found out a week or two ago that my proposed talk at Ruby Conf had
been accepted.

Unfortunately, my latest sub-contracting gig just got suspended once
again due to the budget constraints of the customer, which is making
it a bit tough to finance the trip.

I started a pledgie campaign to ‘pass the hat’ yesterday, and have
gotten support from the Ruby community, but I still need more help,
hence this posting to the rails list.

I’m hoping that some of the folks I’ve helped here over the years
might be willing to contribute. I’ll recognize any contributors in my
talk, unless they choose anonymity.


And if anyone has a (preferably long-term) job opportunity for a very
experienced OO Programmer and Rubyist, I wouldn’t mind hearing from

Rick DeNatale

Help fund my talk at Ruby Conf 2010:http://pledgie.com/campaigns/13677
Blog: http://talklikeaduck.denhaven2.com/
Github: http://github.com/rubyredrick
Twitter: @RickDeNatale
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On 7 October 2010 16:13, Rick DeNatale [email protected] wrote:

I’m in the embarrassing position of passing the hat.

No worries. It’s better that you ask than you cancel your talk without

I’ve pledged you a few dollars - for the help you’ve given on list,
and for RiCal, and of course, to help you get on the Ruby Conf stage.

c’mon everyone… a single dollar from everyone on the list would more
than cover the need - but that doesn’t mean everyone on the list apart
from you :wink:

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