Looking for files in the classpath


I’m trying to implement a Java binding[1] to Haml and Sass through
JRuby. It
works well but I now want to integrate compass [2] and put all the
in my jar. When I try to import a file from the classpath in my sass
stylesheet (@import), JRuby looks for the file in the file system and
not in
the classpath? Is there a way to bypass this problem and tell JRuby to
in the classpath?

I hope my question is clear enough, I’m a newbie to JRuby.

Best regards.

[1] - https://github.com/bchapuis/JRubyHaml
[2] - http://compass-style.org/

Any comments on this issue? is it the right place for such questions?

Do you have a more simple test case that you should share? I think the
reason no one has responded is because there probably aren’t a lot of
on the list using Sass and Haml from Java instead of directory from
If you could narrow down the issue a little I’m sure it would be easier
people to assist. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions, just trying to
get the conversation going.


I did look at your code it the question is if @import “compass” should
work later from the packed jar-file. if @import can handle url a
jar-url might work.

if not the packed jar file it looks like telling SASS where to look.
it does not look jruby is doing something here and can do something
differently then it does. maybe there is some config to SASS.

  • Kristian

Ok, thanks a lot, I will try with jar-url and see if the import works.