Looking for exercices / mentoring


As a begginer in programing and Ruby, I’m feeling stuck in the process of learning. Despites of the documentation quality and all the resources available, I dont really know where to start and feel like my daily routine isn’t effective. So I came here looking for guides to light me the way toward this exciting adventure ! :smiley:

I’m wondering if any of you would be interested by giving exercises and help me slowly increasing the difficulty. I’ve just done a MOOC, and the most I learned was clearly when I was coding and debugging my program (a funny adventure game). So yea, any idea or any resource would help me a lot !


Hello @Sumak,

I would suggest these that are listed here:

Good luck!

Hello, thanks for your answer !

Ho you mean starting the manual by the beggining … looks like a great idea ! That was exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot (I’m starting with The Koans)

I’m glad you found your way! Good luck! :slight_smile: