Looking for contributors for project: acts_as_facebook_object

Hey All,

I’m taking on a rather ambitious project that is something of an
extraction from a recent project that ended up getting scrapped. The
idea is to provide a simple macro to allow any ruby class’ objects to
represent an object in the Facebook graph. This is especially handy
when the class representing Facebook objects happens to be an ORM
class. I also developed a very clever way to model the myriad
relationships between objects without creating an absolute ton of join
tables, so this library can basically be used to make a complete copy
of any data available to your application via the API.

I would like for this gem/plugin to be Facebook Graph client agnostic
as well as ORM agnostic–any client or ORM library for which a proper
adapter can be written is welcome to join the party. I plan to
implement either fbgraph or fb_graph as a graph client, and AR as an
ORM for starters.

I just started the extraction so it’s in the early stages, but you can
see kinda where it’s going. Everything is open for improvement and
rewriting at this point. Perhaps it might even make more sense to
split it into two separate gems.

Anyway, the repo is here:

If you’re seriously interested, let me know and i’d be happy to
consider adding you as a developer on the project. Other than that,
general suggestions are very much appreciated!