Looking for coaches for the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015!

Hello every one,

My name is Won and my partner’s name is Yasamin Salami. We both are
studying IT in Helsinki, Finland. Even though, I am originally from
and my partner is from Iran and we are looking for coaches for the Rails
Girls Summer of Code 2015!

We are going to do the following project and the mentor accepted us.

I really love gaming and I started learning IT because of that, because
love coding and game both. But you don’t have to be a gamer as this is
about Ruby on Rails.

Of course it would be great, if you live in Helsinki region, but we
also like to work virtually(Madeye etc)! So if you are living far away,
doesn’t matter!

Thanks for reading! Please give us an e-mail. ([email protected] or
[email protected] )

Best Regards,

Won Seob Seo and Yasamin Salami

Hei Won,

I have some years of experience as Ruby, Python and JavaScript developer
and my github username is neutrino. I will be here, in Helsinki, at
till the end of summer and if you are interested in having me as coach,
please let me know. Also, is there any prerequisite for it?