Looking for brilliant RoR Developers to join our Team

We specialize in Agile PHP and Ruby Development for our own in-house
projects. You will be working on both Ruby and PHP projects as well as
help out with System Admin for those projects.

We believe that everyone on the team should have a similar base skill
set (this way the System Admin knows what the Developer is doing and
vice versa). Because of that, we’re looking for strong web developers
(Ruby/PHP/JavaScript) but at the same time, we’re looking for those same
people to have strong System Admin skills to complement their skill set.

We don’t expect everyone to do System Admin, but we also don’t believe
its enough of a job to fill a person’s schedule entirely, so we’ve come
up with 3 different focuses:

  1. The System Admin Focus – These Developers are System Admin Ninjas,
    but also have strong all around skills in PHP and Ruby.

  2. The Ruby Focus – These Developers are Ruby Ninjas, but also have
    strong all around skills in PHP and System Admin.

  3. The PHP Focus – These Developers are PHP Ninjas, but also have
    strong all around skills in Ruby and System Admin.

We’re looking for an individual who:

  • Has 2+ years experience working with PHP and related technologies.
  • Has 2+ years experience working with Ruby on Rails and related
  • Has 3+ years experience working with Linux Servers, Web Hosting on
    Linux, PHP/Rails
  • Deployment, Scalable High Availability Web Deployments, or similar
    technologies on Linux.
  • Has 3+ years experience with DHTML (HTML+JavaScript+CSS) and best
    practices surrounding those technologies.
  • Has recently worked with Centos, Ubuntu and atleast possessing some
    understand of Gentoo Linux distributions.
  • (bonus) Has worked with Amazon Web Services, especially Amazon S3 and
    Amazon EC2 (or really wants to learn).
  • (bonus) Has experience with RightScale for EC2 management.
  • Wants to work in an Agile team of developers contributing towards the
    team’s goals.

Salary: 5100USD + equity share
Hours: Full-time
Length: 3-months trial, then permanent contract offer
Referral info: PM me for details
Benefits: Pension, Laptop / computer, Equity share

  • Mac workstations: 23-inch dual-LED monitors + Herman Miller Aeron
  • HMO benefits (Medical and Dental)
  • In-house gym with personal trainer
  • Free freshly-brewed coffee courtesy of CBTL
  • in-house bonuses (Proximity, Kaizen, Performance)
  • Cool company culture

Send us your resume with a cover letter at [email protected] Your cover
letter should state how your skills and experience will benefit us in
hiring you for the team. It’ll be great if you could showcase your work
via project-hosting sites like Github https://github.com