Looking for Boston-area Rails developers


My company is seeking senior software engineers to work on a small
team to design and develop a brand new web-2.0 type of service. This
is an internal startup that’s part of an established, successful
Boston-area software company. It’s also very early in the lifecycle,
so the engineers will have significant influence over how the service
evolves. The engineers will help evaluate and select particular
technologies, and design and build the new service. Candidates should
possess strong development experience in web applications, with
particular emphasis on search engines, taxonomies, and rich Internet
application technologies. Experience with web-based marketplaces,
social networking services, listing services, procurement systems, or
sourcing in manufacturing environment is desirable.

Leading candidates:

  • Have experience withâ??and have an appetite forâ??rich Internet
    technologies such as AJAX and Flex, and agile frameworks based on LAMP
    (particularly using Python) and/or Ruby on Rails. Ideal candidates are
    able to implement both front-end and back-end solutions, and are
    knowledgeable about search engines, taxonomies, and rich Internet
    application technologies.

  • Have experience with web application servers, role-based permission
    systems, databases, XML, XSLT, and web services, and with issues such
    as globalization and security.

  • Are able to work collaboratively to understand requirements and
    implement solutions.

  • Have a strong knowledge of object-oriented software design, are
    skilled at technical problem solving, and are able to apply these
    skills to real world application development. Ideal candidates are
    able to balance technical elegance, functionality, and usability to
    meet milestones.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me


David K.