Looking for an additional TriSano Core Dev


Please excuse the noise, but we are looking for another TriSano Core
Developer. We found our last addition to the team here and he turned out
great so I wanted to start here again as we grow our team.

Please see attached PDF.

For more information on TriSano please see:


Please let me know if you are interested.


Mike H.
Program Manager, Collaborative Software Initiative
M: +1 971.340.0302
O: +1 503.295.7970
F: +1 503.295.7789
1 SW Columbia Street, Suite 640
Portland, Ore. 97258
AIM/Google/Yahoo!/Skype/Twitter: mherrick66
IRC: /join #trisano on freenode
www.csinitiative.com / www.trisano.org