Looking for a Ruby on Rails developer interested in a startup project

Hey everyone, I am currently creating a startup with a friend, and would
love to tell you a little bit about it as we are actively seeking a Ruby
Rails developer to work with us. If you are interested in an
entrepreneurial adventure, this could be a perfect opportunity.

About Jolibook

The publishing industry has evolved a lot over the past few years and
self-publishing has become mainstream. Authors do not have to rely on
publishing companies and their highly selective processes anymore.

However, these publishing companies still offer a wide range of services
that are vital for any authors success. Editorial counseling,
proofreading, illustration, promotion and publicity are some of the
services that allow to create a high-quality eBook.

Today, there is no equivalent solution for digital publishing.

We ambition to be at a crossroads between traditional publishing
and self-publishing. We are creating a unique, safe, and incredibly
online platform and bookstore to allow authors to self-publish and sell
their books, while still offering them all along the way the services
reckon they need to successfully achieve their goals.

Current Situation

Weve started the development of the online platform, with an
Ruby developer. He defines our technical needs. Besides that, we have
working on the project for months now, and are definitely ready to bring
to life. Weve got lots of concrete, market-changing ideas.

We have a solid business plan, and we are mentored by business school
entrepreneurship professors. We are also in talks with specialists from
publishing world (old and new).

All we need now is a second developer.

About us

Were currently two: Emmanuel Nataf, Richard Fayet. We are friends and
known each other for years. Now in business schools, were working
together to carry out this project.

We are honest guys, hard-workers with a crazy sense of humour, and very

But were not alone and have received a lot of support.

We are mentored by Denis Gallot, Head of the Incubator at Rouen Business
School, and Etienne Krieger, Affiliate Professor at HEC.

Jonathan Widawski, student at IIM (International Institution of
helps us determine our technical needs, and Kevin Etienne will supervise
and work on the development of the website.

Last but not least, Romain Dillet, writer for TechCrunch, challenges us
the time to make sure were building a fantastic product.

Job Description

As we have a senior developer (Kevin) to supervise the development of
website, we need another RoR developer to collaborate with him. You will
a full-stack developer responsible for co-creating a platform that will
reshape the entire publishing industry.

Ideally, you will have web design skills, and, who knows, an interest in
eBooks or publishing.


What we offer you

A hazardous journey, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness,
constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of

No! Were just kidding, its going to be fun! We are actually offering you
the opportunity to join as a co-Founder and work on something that could
shake up a whole industry.

As this is a startup, you will not only contribute to the development of
our product, but also be able to build the team and culture you want to
work with (we are very flexible), and, of course, the equity that comes
with this agreement.

Last but not least, you will be in a young and dynamic environment. So
doubt that fun stuff will be part of the journey!

Skills and Requirements

You are someone with web development skills and knowledge about Ruby on
Rails and Bootstrap (for the HTML/CSS framework).

Of course, web design skills would be highly appreciated

If you are interested, please contact us on our details below:

Contact information

Name: Richard Fayet

*Email: *[email protected]

Twitter: @RicardoFayet