Looking for a Ruby on Rails developer for 3 months contract


I sincerely hope that it is appropriate to post this on this mailing
list. Please see the posting and information on how to apply below.


Position Title: Ruby on Rails developer

This position requires the incumbent to work in IT Services at UTL.
Working in a small team, under direction of the Director of the
Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Libraries, the
incumbent will be responsible for adding service features specific to
the UofT community to our newest service, Focus, which is an Expert
Finder application that supports the promotion of faculty research.
Building on the BibApp open-source framework, the incumbent will add
features enabling customization of Focus and its integration with
other services, including a custom authentication system.

Education: University degree in Computer Science or acceptable
equivalent combination of education and experience.

Minimum 3 years experience with programming in Ruby on Rails. Solid
and demonstrated experience using open-source programming libraries,
relational database systems, and the development of database driven
websites. Must be highly knowledgeable in Ruby, Ruby Gems, MySQL/SQL,
and general application security. Excellent knowledge of open source
web-based database-driven application development and Web 2.0 tools.
Familiarity is required with LDAP and Pubcookie. Technical writing and
documentation skills.

Other: Demonstrated interpersonal skills under pressure. Ability to
work within tight timelines. Demonstrated good organizational and time
management skills. Strong user-based orientation. Ability to exercise
good judgment, discretion and tact. Demonstrated ability to work
effectively independently and as part of a team. Ability to
communicate effectively and accurately both orally and in writing.
Ability to communicate complex technical ideas verbally and in written
form to IT staff and management. Demonstrated good work performance
and attendance record.

Job Field
Information Technology

St. George

ITS, University of Toronto Libraries


Pay Scale Group and Hiring Rate
Compensation: $28.00
Compensation Type: per Hour
Area: Toronto
Pmt-time/Full-time: Full-time
Position Duration: Temporary - 3 months

Evenings and weekend hours not required.

Applicants will be asked to complete a small test, supply 3
references, code and writing samples.

Applicants Submit:
Resume and covering letter

How to apply:
Email: [email protected]

Deadline Date: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

$28 per hour, really? That’s about how much a decent maid makes…

I seriously hope that no developer is considering this.

PS: @group - sorry for the rant

Let us know how it goes. If you can find good Rails devs in Toronto for
$28/hr for a three month contract I may have to fly up there from NYC to
set up a new office :slight_smile:

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Not at $28/hr. :slight_smile:

But it certainly is outside of Toronto. I’ve been to 5 conferences in
the last two weeks and in every one, pretty much every deck seemed to
end with a “we’re hiring” slide. And most of the positions I was hearing
about were safely north of $100k/yr. At least in the major US metro
markets . . .

Seriously, this is the best labor market I’ve seen for developers since
1999. It’s nuts.

I’d still like to know what LivingSocial paid for Glenn and the gang at
InfoEther . . .

Best Wishes,

[?]Hurray!!![?] The recession is finally over.[?]

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 1:02 PM, UTbibapp [email protected]

documentation skills.


Deadline Date: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

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The whole funding scene is nuts right now, and that trickles down to
developers (and wait for the need for coffeescript/node.js developers).
is going to get worse though from a hiring perspective, with the IPOs
up and even more fresh money available. And yeah, it feels like 1999
again -
one hell of a year :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite! Although I’ve heard some reasoned discussion that it’s more like
1996. Which means there is still a little time to lay up some profits
while the money is out there.

This is an amazing time to work at a funded start-up. Good cash comp,
interesting work, some upside in the form of options. Just make sure to
save a chunk of your salary so when everything finally does implode
you’ll be able to ride out the down times.

And there’s an easy way to tell approximately when the good times will
end. It will be about six months after your Grandmother sees an
infomercial and puts retirement money into a special hedge fund selling
derivatives that somehow avoid the sophisticated investor laws but that
are backed by a secondary market in non-public stock of tech start ups.
Once even your granny (and apologies and exclusions to anyone whose
grandma actually is a sophisticated wall street trader) is investing
in pre-IPO startup shares, it’s time to tune up your Scala and Clojure
skills and take a cushy finance or insurance job for about 6-8 years
until the cycle starts again.

Welcome back to 1996. And now to return to our regularly scheduled
technical programming :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,

I don’t think its 2000 quite yet… 96 sounds more like it. In 1999 I
once got offered a dot com startup job with stock options, great
benefits, etc… sitting in a starbucks, by a stranger who had never
seen my work. I was only 17… so that must describe the level of
desperation in the marketplace for developers.

I do think we are going to see a new tech bubble… and it seems like
ruby is certainly the right community to get involved in. I am trying
to move my company from doing php work to rails work for that very

Like everyone else, I am not sure who would be willing to work at that
rate when you can find ruby jobs all over the place offering a great

I created a quora question for this,

so that we can continue discussing it outside the rails context

You just made my day. You are the second person that I have spoken to
week who believes it is more like 1996, and I definitely hope so. I had
good exit (3 f**ing weeks to late) with my startup during the first wave
we all know the difference between good and great. Really glad that I
experience this all over again. And btw back then I had to fend off
grannies because I did not let them invest back them (imaging 80 year
screaming at you, no kidding)