Looking for a ROR Partner

I’m in the process of building a niche social networking app and I
would like to have a partner who is stronger with Ruby on Rails than I
am. I’m a designer and I have been learning Ruby on the side but this
project would run smoother if I could entrust the development side of
things to a expert and I continue with the design, marketing, ad sales
and business side of things.

If you are interested in speaking more about this, let me know. I will
send you a NDA, you sign it and then we will discuss in detail from
there. If we have a good connection we will move forward from there.

Now let me be clear. I’m looking for a business partner NOT a hire. I
have been working on this project for about a month and a half on the
design and etc and I’m looking for a ruby programming partner who can
take care of the backend building of the social network.

The difference here is that I’m look for someone who wants to build
something along with me and we both get paid at the other side when it
launches ( splitting the revenue ) and when we sell of the company
( splitting the profit from the sale ). Therefore that mean during the
build stage, neither of us will be paid. That is what makes it a
partnership and not a hire.In fact I’m doing other things to support
myself while I’m doing this, so I’m not getting paid to do this now
but I believe the pay off will be great given that ad spending on
social networks will increase to about 2 billion by 2012.

So that’s the general idea and premise behind my “call.” If it’s
something you are interested in pursuing, hit me up.

Douglas Paul

Hey how’s it going? I’m certainly not an expert, but I’ve been working
with Ruby / Rails for several months now and I’ve been programming for
10+ years, so I’m sure I can at least take a look at what you’re doing
and see if I would be of help. I don’t know how you’d like to proceed,
but I’m watching this post via email so if you reply with an email,
twitter, aim account or phone # or whatever I can get back to you and we
can talk more.

I’m interested and i’d like to hear your idea.

Call me back.