Looking for a Rails book for a Ruby programmer

Hey guys,

I want to learn Ruby on Rails. I have quite a bit of Ruby experience,
I’ve been programming in it full time for the past few months. I’ve been
looking for a book that would give me a good overview of Rails, but that
doesn’t go into Ruby specifics. Something short that will get me up to
speed and leaves out everything that I can look up in case I have any

Suggestions? Most of the books that I have looked at so far cover Ruby,
which is not what I want.


Quoting Mateusz W. [email protected]:

which is not what I want.

Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial by Michael H. and skip Chapter 4
Ruby”. This book is a good starting book and may be enough depending on
you want. Also the newest edition of “Agile Web D. with
Rails”. If
you need to get into heavy duty Rails, add “The Rails 3 Way”. These
last two
reccomendations are based on my reading earlier editions. “The Rails
Way” had
no Ruby sections. AWDR 1st edition had an appendix on Ruby.


If you are interested in TDD/BDD with Rails, you may want to read
“RSpec Book by David C.”.

Many rails projects employ TDD and BDD. Therefore, learning TDD/BDD is
important for Rails developers.