Looking for a r0x0rz developer - music startup

Since this company is pre-funded I don’t feel a paid job board is the
venue to ask this question. Essentially what we need is a few backend
using the language/framework of their choice. I only personally have
experience with php/mysql but I went through a RoR tutorial to build
something very simple. So I understand RoR to an extent and I think it’s
good thing to pursue. On the team already is a top-shelf designer and an
incredible AJAX guy, so we need some app coders to balance it out.

Why would you consider joining us? Well you’d have to be able to work
equity because we’re without funding at the moment. That said, it won’t
long after we have this built before we have an injection from
investors. So
money shouldn’t be your prime concern unless you’re thinking long-term.
you have to be a believer in the vision, and what we’re doing is
building a
real alternative to the music industry for both artists and musicians.
think music should be free and with the Internet artists should be able
circumvent record labels and have a real chance at success. There are
definitely parallels between what every other social network is doing,
social networking is certainly core to this project. This should be
to decide if you want to learn more so don’t hesitate to contact me!

[email protected]

Scott Hildebrand wrote:

We think music should be free and …
artists should … have a real chance at success.

Could you say more about how you see those two objectives being


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