Looking for 2-TX 2-RX example code for USRP1 and gnuradio 3.2.x.x


I’m new to GNU Radio but very willing to learn, experiment, and
write some python, C++, and Verilog/FPGA code. My system consists of
2 USRP1 boxes, with gnuradio 3.2.x.x installed on two host machines.
I’ve gone thru the basic tutorials and benchmark_rx/tx and it all works.

Now I want to build a 2-TX 2-RX system with this setup as follows :

  • the TX host drives the TX USPR1 which has two daughtercards, each
    driving one antenna

  • the RX host connects to the RX USRP1 which has two daughtercards,
    each connecting to one antenna

Does anyone know of example python code for doing this ?


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