Lone Star Rubyconf 2008 - Call for Papers

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

The second annual Lone Star Rubyconf is revving
up and scheduled for Sep 4-6 in Austin, TX.
The what, when where is:

Lone Star Rubyconf 2008
September 4-6, 2008
Norris Conference Center
Austin, TX

The conference is featuring Ruby’s creator,
Matz, and many other luminaries.

This year we have added an optional day of
hands-on training (Thu) in addition to the
two days of action packed ruby filled
sessions (Fri, Sat).

The conference is now accepting proposals for
both speaking sessions and training sessions.

= Speakers =
If you’re a Rubyist and want to share your
knowledge and experiences with the Ruby
community, we invite you to submit a proposal
for a 45-minute session. All topics are
accepted as long as they are Ruby-related.

Here are a few topics to give you some ideas:

  • Design and coding techniques
  • Testing tools and techniques
  • Developer productivity tips and tools
  • Patterns and best practices for developing Ruby code
  • Taking advantage of Ruby implementations other than MRI
  • MRI, Rubinius, JRuby, YARV, Rails, Merb, Rubygems
  • Ruby in the Enterprise
  • Ruby in Small Business
  • How I made a $1,000,000 with Ruby
  • How I lost a $1,000,000 with Ruby
  • Ruby internals, meta programming
  • Data filtering, reporting, parsing

You name it. If it is Ruby related, we want to hear from you.

To submit your proposal, please provide the following:

Your N.
Your Phone Number
Abstract (< 500 words)
Email the above to: submit at LoneStarRubyconf.com

= Trainers =
This year we have scheduled a full day of
training. Courses can be either 3hr (half day)
or 6hr (full day). It is recommended that full
day courses be team taught.

When submitting a course curriculum outline,
remember that a training course is NOT an extended
talk. Trainers should provide labs and hands on
learning experiences for the participants. Your
course submission should provide practical skills
that participants can take away and begin using
immediately to improve their coding.

To submit your proposal, please provide the following:

Your N.(s)
Your Phone Number(s)
Course Length
Course Title
Curriculum Outline (1 to 2 pages per 3hr class)
Email the above to: submit at LoneStarRubyconf.com

Proposals are due May 3, 2008.

Registration for LSRC 2008 will open in early May.

See you in Austin in September!

Jim F. and the Lone Star Rubyconf 2008 Conference Team

For sponsorship, media or promotional partner opportunities,
contact Jim F. at info at LoneStarRubyconf.com.

P.S. You can follow conference announcements on Twitter at