Lone Star Ruby Conference 2008


This is a quick reminder that the second annual
Lone Star Ruby Conference (Sep 4-6) is filling
up quickly and early registration ends soon (Aug 10).

We have an excellent program this year. Matz and
Evan P. are keynoting and there will be an
interesting panel discussion on Saturday.
In addition, many people are excited about the
first class training that will be provided.
Check out the program for details.


Also, the venue has provided us with extra rooms
throughout the conference. So if networking is your
thing, this year you will be able to find a table
and chat or form an adhoc group and discuss your
topics of interest.

LSRC is destined to be one of the great Ruby
Conferences this year, so don’t miss out.

We hope to see you in Austin in September!

LoneStarRubyConf.com is for sale | HugeDomains