LoginEngine dying on Rails 1.1?

I too am having some issues with the user engine. I’m using rails
1.1 and the trunk for engines, login_engine, and user_engine. When I
try and access the user/login action the only thing I see is the
message “You need to log in.”. It’s almost like the redirect isn’t
working or something. I’m not taken to the login form. Also if I
try and access the user/signup action, I’m returned a blank screen
(no signup form). My database base migration work well and the db
looks correct. Not sure what to do from here? I’m new to Rails and
the engines. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Please disregard my post. It was a dumb mistake in my
application.rhtml. Sorry!

I had the same error, a blank page when using user_engine for the first
time. When I saw this post after a google search, I immediately knew
what was wrong, but there might possibly be a beginner greener than me
asking for an answer…

The application.rhtml in /app/views/layouts/ should not be
blank, it should have

<%= @content_for_layout %>

in it so the page can be rendered.

The reason it’s a bit confusing is that user_login doesn’t require a
application.rhtml, but user_engine does. So you have user_login working,
install according to the readme for user_engine, get the
application.rhtml error, create a blank file for application.rhtml, and
then you’re at this post. At least that’s what I did, hopefully someday
I’ll stop hitting every wall while walking down the rails hallway.