Login ticket

Hello frnds

I want a plugin which will help me to generate a random ticket no

A login ticket should automatically generated pass code, an expiration
date, and a user who may log in with the pass code. It should provide
functions for generating, retrieving and deleting login tickets, as well
as checking validness of a given pass code and, given a valid code
(while not requiring username and password), logging the concerned user

is there ne such thing available?

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Thanking You

Dhaval P.

Dhaval P. wrote:

is there ne such thing available?

Not that I’ve seen. Sounds like a good opportunity for you to write one
though. =)

Realistically though, it sounds like you want your standard user
authentication with an expiration date. There are quite a few
authentication plugins available. I suppose you could install one and
hack it a bit to include your expiration needs.

Try this:

And for future reference, try this: