Login Prompt - how to?

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me how I can login to a web page using a login prompt?

or please point me to a gem or what to study in order to be able to do

I have used Watir until now for normal login pages, but it doesn’t seem
to be able to handle prompts.

That looks like standard HTTP authentication (Basic/Digest).

You will need a regular HTTP client library in order to supply
like Httparty, HttpClient, Mechanize etc.

You might have better luck with Celerity ( a JRuby implementation of
that uses a pure java Http Client, instead of automating a browser) -
might expose methods for dealing with HTTP auth instead of form

There are a LOT of Ruby HTTP libraries out there - you might have to do
bit of homework
on them and their feature sets.

Also double check the Watir site. Popups of all kinds are a real
there, and they
have developed a couple of interesting workarounds. They might also
recommend alternatives
that I haven’t mentioned here.