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New to rails, ruby & subversion. I’ve gone through the installation
of rails-engine and used the svn:externals mechanism to reference the
external repository.

Now, when it came time to install the login_engine, I saw that the
documentation suggests either:

script/plugin install login_engine
svn co http://opensvn.csie.org/rails_engines/plugins/login_engine

to get the login_engine.

Is there any reason I couldn’t use a svn:externals reference for the
login_engine as well as the rails-engine?


Bradley M.


Absolutely none at all - that’s what we do here.

However you should probably link to one of the specific version tags
if this is a production application, since the /plugin versions will
always reflect the latest version, and it’s a bad idea in general to
give up control of exactly which version you are running.

You can find tagged versions of each plugin/engine at:


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