Login authenticate?

Hello there,

I’m trying to do the login section for my small web application, but it
doesn’t seem to work like I want.

Here is the Controller:

if request.post?
@user = User.authenticate(params[:user][:email],
if @user
redirect_to :action => ‘my_account’

This is how the model authenticate look like.

def self.authenticate(email, password)
@user = User.find( :first,
:conditions => [“email = ? and password = ?”, email,
:limit => 1);
return false if @user.nil?
return true if @user

But whenever I try to login I get a error

undefined method `email’ for false:FalseClass

I don’t know what this one means? could anyone help me and Thanks for
Your help.

are you seeing this error on the ‘login page’ or the my ‘account page’

my guess is that since you are returning @user as true/false, your
authenticate is not working correctly, and is returning false, so the
login form gets redisplayed, which is expecting @user to be a valid
User object so it can populate the forms.

I could be more certain if i was able to see your entire controller
method (login?) and your login view.