Login and related data

I have a login with a model of “users”, which I’ve been able to get
working, with one field being “company”. This is a main user who can add
groups, so other group-users can login separately. In the groups table I
have a user_id so I know the connection. When I have a login form for
groups where I’ve added three fields; company, username and password.
What I don’t know is how I define the company field? Is this right?

<%= text_field “group”, “user.company” %>

<label for="group_username">Login</label>
<%= text_field "group", "username" %><br/>

<label for="group_password">Password</label>
<%= password_field "group", "password" %><br/>

How do I refere to in the login action and authenticate? And when doing
a validate with validates_presence_of?

Pål Bergström wrote:

<%= text_field “group”, “user.company” %>

No, you can’t do this. Instead, set @user = @group.user
in your controller, code the field as

  <%= text_field :user, :company %>

and deal with both params[:user] and params[:group] in
your controller. Exactly what you do depends on the
new/existing status of both the group and user records.

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