Logger and object life time

I guess I’ll post here, seeing as theres no typo-dev@ list.

I was writing a sidebar over the weekend, and testing it live… I know
idea :slight_smile: ) and it was failing at different points. On looking at
production.log, it seemed to think that sidebars had rendered properly,
there wasn’t even any backtraces in there! Is there a global logger
available in Typo that I can plug into? Twould be handy for those times
I can’t be bothered writing tests :slight_smile:

Also, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction
object lifetimes. I want my sidebar to be destroyed/recreated every 5
minutes. I took a stab in the dark while writing mine based on some
code I saw, and set

lifetime 5.minutes

thinking that this may have been what I needed. But the object seems to
cached for a random indefinite amount of time.


Michael Dever