Logger and ActionWebService - how can I get them to work tog

I’m adding a web service to a small Rails app that I wrote to learn
the framework. This is my last piece of the puzzle and I’m having
trouble figuring out how to debug it.

I was attempting to iteratively develop the web service method using
TDD. There’s so much coercion and stuff going on via the
ActionWebService framework that I’m looking to fall-back to the tried
and true methodology of using print statements. However, I can’t seem
to get Logger to output anything to my ~/log/test.log file. Here’s an

class LibraryServiceController < ApplicationController
wsdl_service_name ‘LibraryService’

web_service_api LibraryServiceApi # format is <controller_name>Api
web_service_scaffold :invoke

def new_item(username, type, title, length, size, state, unique_key)
@user = User.find_by_login(username)
puts @user

In #new_item I can’t get logger to output anything nor does my #puts
go anywhere that I can find. (BTW, the test passes without errors.)

Scouring the AWDR book and online resources has gotten me nowhere.

Can anyone provide a hint?