Loggability 0.2.2 Released

loggability version 0.2.2 has been released!

A composable logging system built on the standard Logger library.

You can add Loggability to large libraries and systems, then hook
up later when you know where you want logs to be written, at what level
severity, and in which format.

An example:

# Load a bunch of libraries that use Loggability
require 'strelka'
require 'inversion'
require 'treequel'
require 'loggability'

# Set up our own library
module MyProject
    extend Loggability
    log_as :my_project

    class Server
        extend Loggability
        log_to :my_project

        def initialize
            self.log.debug "Listening."


# Now tell everything that's using Loggability to log to an HTML
# log file at INFO level
Loggability.write_to( '/usr/local/www/htdocs/log.html' )
Loggability.format_as( :html )
Loggability.level = :info


== v0.2.2 [2012-05-11] Michael G. [email protected]

  • Fix too-severe log messages while parsing config specs.
  • Proxy Modules like Classes (i.e., with its name and no object_id).