Log Rotation for 180 days

Hi team,

I am trying to rotate the logs being created under /logs/*.log directory for my app.
As I am new to ROR so have gone though some stuff and found out:-

config.logger = Logger.new(config.paths["log"].first, 5, 1024)

This works fine if I use this under production env file. But I want to rotate the logs daily i.e. keeping the logs for 180 days and each day new log file being created and the files getting older than 180 days should be deleted.

I have not tried new(logdev, shift_age = 'daily') yet!!

I was just wondering what is the best possible ways to rotate the logs with the above requirement??

Edit: My app is running on docker.

Thanks in advance!

Do it with an external tool. Like https://linuxconfig.org/logrotate

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