Location uri wildcard

I recently converted my website from asp.net and have the following
out there that I would like to permanent redirect to my new url, but I
to not be able to create this. My goal is to create one rewrite or
something that can handle all of these.

The old urls are as follows.




What have your tried?
What do your access logs show? What did you expect?

B. R.

I havent tried anything yet.
All I ever did was redirect a single domain.

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Well, that is maybe why you have not received any help and might not
receive some.
No effort, no problem, no help.


If you wanna learn about configuring nginx, a good head start is the
official documentation:
nginx documentation

B. R.

Keep in mind this ML (and other places such as StackOverfflow or
fora are still open to help you if you are struggling on anything.
People are usually glad to help others who demonstrated efforts in
about it and who provided details about their approach of the problem.

That is, based on the docs, try to make a solution on your own.
Once you hit the wall, and if all the docs you could find (nginx docs,
search are a start) do not help you further, please come back with
of the process you followed.
Doors might open this time. :o)

B. R.

Ah, gotcha, I am new to this and thanks for the link to this
I will close this thread.

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I actually was looking around on google for the solution, but I lazied
and came here, but I ended up finding the solution for this, buy getting
myself familiar with regex. I used the following command to do this to
help someone else needing this.

location ~* “\bClassScheduler.aspx\b” {
rewrite ^ http://www.mysite.com/classScheduler/? permanent;

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On 10 June 2014 17:31, grd2345 [email protected] wrote:

I basically need a wild card to detect ClassScheduler.aspx from the above
old urls

This assumption looks wrong. Check out how location stanzas work:
Hint: locations in their simplest state just match path prefixes

Also check the first parameter that a “rewrite” takes … consider if
you could use this functionality to avoid specifying a location
/entirely/: Module ngx_http_rewrite_module