Location container read order

I have one “location” container that servers static content:

location ~

and another “location” container that uses a backend apache server to
serve PHP file requests:

location / {

Are the “location” containers read in the order that they appear in the
configuration file? In the example above would the static location be
read before the proxy_pass container, insuring that the static content
“html” files would be served before a “php” file from the back proxy

I am trying to insure the proxy server does not serve php files that may
already exist as html files generated by WP Super Cache in Wordpress.

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I went back and read all of
Module ngx_http_core_module. Thank you for
pointing me in the right direction.

The way I understand it is that if there are no regular expression
matches in the static location, then Nginx will use / in the proxy_pass
location for everything else, and in this case everything else would be
the php files.

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Nginx will use the location that matches the most specific. So any of
your locations should match before location / since that will be the
least general.