Localmemcache-0.4.2: Improves append performance

I have noticed that Localmemcache can become extremely slow when
keeping a hash that has growing values. It seems that the allocator
ends up with a ever growing list of unusable free blocks. So version
0.4.2 is the first attempt to make this a little more efficient, mostly
by introducing the :min_alloc_size parameter.

Example pseudo append code:
200_000.times {
index = rand(10000).to_s
v = $hash.get®
$hash.set(r, “#{v}#{r}”)

Localmemcache 0.4.1: 21961.375 ms
Localmemcache 0.4.2: 19479.026 ms
Localmemcache 0.4.2 + :min_alloc_size => 1024: 863.839 ms
Ruby Hash of Strings: 790.34 ms

Link to :min_alloc_size documentation:


gem install localmemcache


Please contact me with bugs, suggestions and patches at: schween + snafu



Localmemcache: http://localmemcache.rubyforge.org/
Rubyforge project: http://localmemcache.rubyforge.org/

Source code is hosted on github: http://github.com/sck/localmemcache/



dd799ce53c5f56a02823a0ad816fd18c localmemcache-0.4.2.gem
a006379e0be24eb2cf5ed60e163af4a2 localmemcache-0.4.2.tar.gz

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