Localhost redirect/404

I think this is more of a windows question than rails per se, but I
can’t see the answer.

I’ve just installed InstantRails 2.0 on my XP machine. Both Apache and
mySQL start up fine. I spark up the ‘cookbook’ app, and notice that
Mongrel starts it on port 3001, but other than that, pretty much the
same as my laptop (I think, I don’t have access to that right now).

However, when I go to the browser, localhost:3001 directs to local:3001
and gives me the 404 page.

The only thing in my hosts file is a line for going to
localhost, so it doesn’t seem like that’s the problem.

I’ve also tried port 3000, and hitting the server directly (,
all result in 404.

Adding the mapping in hosts from to ‘www.mycookbook.com’ per
the readme works great for the cookbook application, but I’d like to
just be able to hit locahost:3000 and run whatever application currently
is started for development.

Not sure where else to go from here. Anyone got an idea what I’m

There’s not a post-unzip setup step that I’ve forgotten for InstantRails

Hmm, I’ve noticed this problem only occurs if I type “localhost:3000” in
the browser (without the http protocol).

So, no worries, although it is curious, I know how to properly access
stuff now and have a better idea what to search on.