Locale-2.0.2, locale_rails-2.0.2



Ruby-Locale(locale-2.0.2) and
Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails(locale_rails-2.0.2)
are now available.

Ruby-Locale is the library to manage/detect various format
of locale IDs(language tags), and provide ISO 639-3,
ISO-3166 data.

  • locale - Manage Locale IDs, Auto-detect locales. ISO-639-3, 3166 data.
  • locale_rails - Rails support with locale


== locale-2.0.2

  • Add Locale.set_app_language_tags to restrict the target locales
    whole the application. [Suggested by Vladimir Dobriakov]
  • locale/driver/cgi.rb: Add Locale.set_request.
  • sample/rack: Add a sample for rack.
  • Improve documents.
  • Fix bugs
    • Illegular -> Irregular [by Denis D.]
    • test_thread.rb doesn’t work under the environment where LC_ALL is
      set .
      [Reported by Hans de Graaff (Bug#24831)]
    • Fixed Locale::Drive::CGI.charset don’t work when accept_charset is
      [Reported by hallelujah (Bug#25583)]
    • Fixed Locale::Drive::Win32.charset don’t work.

== locale_rails-2.0.2

  • Remove I18n.candidates. Use Locale.candidates directly.
  • Improve documentations.
  • Override I18n.default_locale= to call Locale.default.

Thanks to

Denis D., Hans de Graaff, hallelujah, Vladimir Dobriakov