Locale-2.0.1, locale_rails-2.0.1



Ruby-Locale(locale-2.0.1) and
Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails(locale_rails-2.0.1)
are now available.

Ruby-Locale is the library to manage/detect various format
of locale IDs(language tags), and provide ISO 639-3,
ISO-3166 data.

  • locale - Manage Locale IDs, Auto-detect locales.
  • locale_rails - Rails support with locale


  • locale-2.0.1

    • Locale::Tag::Common#extensions are shown order by the keys.
      [Reported by Dan Coutu]
    • Enhance to support ruby-1.9.x [by OZAWA Sakuro]
    • Reimplement memoize to be able to freeze or dup the object.
    • Improve Locale.candidates.
  • locale_rails-2.0.1

    • Fixed to work localized view which was canceled.

Thanks to

OZAWA Sakuro, Dan Coutu