Local Community Website - can you help?

I want to make a website to which anyone can go to find out what’s
going on in their area, and to which anyone can post an event, no
matter how seemingly insignificant. I want it to be the place people
go to find local events (gotta think big, no?), and I want it to be
free and open. And I’d like to do it in Rails.

I’m a pretty awful coder, but I managed to put something functional
together using Rails and the YM4R plugin. What I’d like now is some
people who really know what they’re doing with Rails to come on board
(in a spare time volunteering way) and help make something beautiful.

In the meantime, I’ll be off trying to find some people who know about
the other aspects of doing collaborative, web-based projects (trac and
svn, anyone?).

If you’re interested in using the web to help strengthen local
community, please email [email protected], or check out
There’s loads to do, and any help you can give will be appreciated.



meandmycity.com was developed with similar concepts but we focus on
listing local businesses as well
as local events. It is powered by Rails, AJAX and MySQL.

Check it out or send me a note if you’d like more information.


– Long
http://MeandmyCity.com/ - Find your way
http://edgesoft.ca/blog/read/2 - No-Cookie Session Support plugin

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