Loading pre-existing data with form_remote_tag

Is it possible to load pre-existing data into a form with
form_remote_tag? I am trying to load the data for a Person object into
the partial ‘name_form’ through a link in another partial ‘name_list’.
However, the ‘name_form’ partial renders without any data. Any idea how
I might get this to work?



<% for personname in @person.current_names %>
<%= link_to_function ‘personname.name’, :action => ‘update_name’, :id =>
@person_name, :onclick => “Element.show(‘update_name’)”%>
<% end %>


<%= render :partial => ‘name_list’, :object => @person %>

<% form_remote_tag (:url => {:action => 'update_name', :id => @person_name}) do %> <%= render :partial => 'name_form' %> <%= submit_tag 'Update' %> <% end %>


class PeopleController < ApplicationController
def update_name
id = params[:id]
@person_name = ClaimantName.find(params[:id])

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