Loading one YAML object at a time

I’d like to write a series of YAMLized objects to a file, then read
them in one by one.

I tried this test:
[email protected]:/public/rubyscripts$ cat multiyaml.rb
require ‘yaml’

File.open(‘testyaml’,‘w’) do |f|
YAML.dump(“string1”, f)
YAML.dump(“string2”, f)

File.open(“testyaml”) do |f|
p YAML.load(f)
p YAML.load(f)

File.open(“testyaml”) do |f|
YAML.each_document(f) {|obj| p obj}

[email protected]:/public/rubyscripts$ ruby multiyaml.rb

It looks like YAML.load isn’t properly leaving the file positioned to
read the second object. Is this a bug?

YAML.each_document seems to do the right thing, but I’m concerned
about the memory overhead for large files.

Rick DeNatale

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