Loading an entire translation set from a database column

Is it at all possible for me to load the monolithic YAML from a database
column, as opposed to using a file load path?

I’m working on a multi-site CMS and rather than have programmers
enter each translation in CRUD fashion, I just need them to be able to
to the existing locale on the fly.

I basically want a table of locales which only have one column, to hold
YAML text you’d normally put in the locale file.

Any ideas?

Do you know Tolk?

2011/7/15 Steven G. [email protected]

Hmm that looks like it just might do the trick. Thanks andres, gonna
give it
a whirl

Yikes, that is one complex looking beast - definitely more than I need.
probably just McGuyver up something myself

cheers tho!

You can plug different backends into Rails i18n. Not sure what the
latest and greatest is, but this should get you started:

Hey Steven,

In fact I also don’t have Idea but may be somebody know and respond us
for this postfix. I am also waiting for appropriate and ideal react.